Change of Religion

17 January 2020

From childhood we were members of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in good standing with that organization. Our views were in essential harmony with the denomination’s 28 Fundamental Beliefs.

Yet ever since October 2018, our worldview has been in process of rapid and dramatic transformation. Since then, Astrid and I have experienced significant change in…

1.       Our fundamental conception of the Godhead

2.       When we observe the Lord’s sacred Sabbath day weekly

3.       Our understanding of Babylon and coming out of it

4.       Our duty regarding tithe

5.       Views regarding what God will bring to pass in earth’s immediate future

6.       Views regarding the specific timing of these events in our immediate future

7.       Our belief regarding what eternity holds for the faithful

8.       Identification and symbolism of God’s Seal and the beast’s mark.

…along with a number of corollary positions.

These eight profound epiphanies in little more than a year have, in one sense, utterly changed our religion. Yet in another sense, we remain followers of Christ as He is revealed in the Bible. Our conviction regarding the Holy Scriptures remains unchanged. And we are assured the same God who ever provided for and pursued us is still doing so. We are just coming to know and love Him as never before! 

This site was created to invite study and discussion with those interested in understanding these glorious truths with us. We encourage you to prayerfully read, watch, prove all things and hold fast to that which is good (1Th 5:21)! Also, feel free to contact us. Our email address is posted at the bottom of page 6.

Should you be interested to read a more thorough presentation of the doctrinal foundations of our faith, please download our newly-revised book

May your name be retained,

Devin and Astrid