I was wrong!

My public presentation of the Gospel Pattern will never be the same. Recently, the Lord caused me to see the errors in some fundamental points of my faith.

This awaking called for a removal of previous content I created to share my faith. A few weeks ago I pulled all my former work from the web.

I regret that a significant portion of it was tainted with a subtle delusion, a profoundly dark, deep and pervasive system of doctrinal errors. This delusion blinded me until just last month (February).

The Pattern I formerly recognized is not the delusion I am referring to. I still desire to teach the same Gospel Pattern.

Yet this site has now become, for me, a fresh start linking people with Bible truth about God, His Son, and their holy Spirit – those three personal Majesties the Pattern denotes. Please click here and give me a few more minutes to explain.

Thank you, and may God bless you in Truth,



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