In the Midnight Cry Candle-line

21 April 2019

In late October, 2018, I sent an email to family and friends declaring, for the first time, my belief in what I call the Timing Theory.

This going public about what I knew so many would find to be an radical and unacceptable position was catalyzed by my viewing David Gate’s video “Even at the Door” a few days after it was posted in mid-October, 2018.

In this video, Uncle David put forth his concern that the National Sunday Law (NSL) in the USA would be seen in Spring of 2019 and that the time had come for heavy emphasis of the message “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him!” (Matt 25:6).

In considering his presentation, I did not come to agree with Uncle David’s reasons for his suggested time-warning. Yet I was struck by how he was warning of an NSL to come in 2019…the very year I had expected the NSL ever since 2012 when my studies of the Candle-line Pattern brought me to this conclusion. I considered (and still do) the reasons for my belief and its conclusions regarding timing to be far more robust than the reasons Uncle David was giving and his timing conclusions, and I was amazed by how he had become willing to share what he understood while I had remained unwilling to say anything publicly about what I knew.

In “Even at the Door” Uncle David linked his viewers to Arthur Branner’s sermon, “Prophesy Again” which gave solid reasons to believe the saints at the very end of the world will indeed be given knowledge of the timing of the final events of redemption history ahead of time! Watching Branner’s video, I remember looking over at Astrid and telling her, “This is where I wake up. I’m a sleeping virgin just now awaking to the cry “Behold the Bridegroom cometh”. I will never forget that moment!

Uncle David’s call on the specific timing of the NSL has now been shown by the passing of time to be wrong. This has not surprised me. (I became aware Gate’s reasons were in error before the end of October and came out in support of the document Doug Batchlor shared warning against what he saw to be Gate’s false alarm).

But I now have more reason than ever to believe that the Lord used Uncle David (and his understanding, though it was not completely correct) last October as one of the very first of His servants to sound the final cry in Adventism, “Behold the Bridegroom cometh!” (Did Gates do God’s will by sharing what he understood back in October? Please watch his early-March interview on the topic.) What Uncle David did for Astrid and I with “Even at the Door” we will ever be thankful for. We woke up and began studying as did many other SDAs at that time! And now we have more reason than ever to believe in the truth of our Timing Theory.

Before you continue on to consider why Astrid and I now see our understanding of final events timing recently confirmed, you need to watch my 6-minute Candle-line Intro video. This will give you the most basic prerequisite information for what follows.

With all this said, we present the main reason for the post:

What I expected, as early as 2014, to see beginning about this very time has now begun…the final Midnight Cry Movement:

Let’s zoom in on that most recent completed lamp period:

For info about the new light Astrid and I were given between 10/17/18 and 4/12/19, please read my Story of April 12. “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh! Go ye out to meet Him!”

Astrid and I see all this as decided confirmation of the Timing Theory!

We fully expect to see the National Sunday Law crisis develop in the USA “about” (Lk 3:23) thirty years from sometime in 1989.

And IF the Midnight Cry Candle-line is chronologically proportioned the same as the overall Final Redemption Candle-line it nests within (update as of 11 Nov. 2019: over the last month we have seen strong evidence materialize indicating that this is not just a possibility but a fact), then according the Timing Theory and arithmetical reasoning from the 6-month first lamp period of the Midnight Cry Candle-line, we will see the NSL sometime in Spring of 2020….about thirty years from sometime in 1989 as expected.

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Curious about present truth in the Midnight Cry Movement history has now reached?

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