The Midnight Cry

See Matthew 25:6. The Midnight Cry is a two-part message:

  1. “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh!” This message calls us to look to Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom. It lines up with the First Angel’s Message (all about relationship with God). A huge problem in most Christianity today, including most SDA Christianity today, is the erroneous belief that the Holy Spirit, as a God-being other than Christ, is the Member of the Godhead who is to be infinitely intimate with us. Further erroneous beliefs are that Jesus Christ is fundamentally God the Son, not the Son of God, and that “God” is the Unity of three Persons, not God the Father as the Bible repeatedly states. The first part of the Midnight Cry Message is a call to behold the truth about God, His Son, and Their spirit, to understand Who is to be martially intimate with us, and that His coming is so very near. See Startling Letter and Timing Theory.
  2. “Go ye out to meet Him!” This second part of the message lines up with the message “Come out of her [Babylon], my people”. Please read Why Devin and Astrid are Leaving the GCSDA.